Fonts Do Matter

Fonts Do Matter

This picture has been making its round on the internet for a few years now. There’s a reason why it’s popular, it speaks the truth.

There are many occasions where poor font choice let a good design down. And there are many where the fonts are the only good thing about the design. My point is, font choice should be a conscious effort by the designer and should be a part of the designing process and hence part of the creative decisions.

Fonts can also play an important part in branding your business. For example, playful fonts is great for toy stores, not so much for a legal firm. Fonts have the ability to project who you are and the tone of your business. Imagine if a funeral home use Comic Sans in their eDM?

The other thing to consider is font choice does not stop after your logo creation. It should be applied where possible. For instance, your website or brochure or anywhere your brand is represented, a suitable and consistent font should be used. It will perform as a part of your brand identity.

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